“It was a pleasure to have met you in Rome and also at your office in Florence. I did want...read more

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“Through MCO’s management of the World Diabetes Day I have attained a level of visibility and resonance that I had...read more

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"I want to thank MCO for the great success of our meeting, which took place without a hitch and developed...read more

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“Our company relies on MCO International Group for the excellent organization of our delegations and 360° services for all our...read more

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"We would like to thanks all of you  for the service provided in the organization and management of our High...read more


"The work you did for the Conference on General  States of Animal Welfare has been in my opinion  perfect. I’d...read more

Arianna Ianieri

“I want to thank you and your team  for the high level of the organization and the warm welcoming at...read more

Carla Rocchi

“Hello Diletta, I want to thank you for all the help you and your team have given us over the last few months...read more


“Hi Diletta, The tour of the Vatican yesterday was just incredible! Such an excellent guide and the perfect end to my visit...read more

Micheal Day

"Dear Costanza, with this email I want to thank you and your collagues for your patience and professionalism during the...read more

Gennaro D’amato

“Dear MCO International, it is with great pleasure that the  ESGCT thanks you for the  excellent organizational support to our...read more


"I’ve been meaning to send you this note fore some time just to say thank you for all you did...read more

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“I am pleased to confirm the professionality of MCO International Group whom we have known for years and with whom...read more

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“I wanted to emphasize the high level of customer satisfaction in national and international meetings arranged by MCO. Great professionalism...read more

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“I hereby thank for your excellent service, during  the “Breathe Easy Symposium” held in Colà di  Lazise on 10/02/2015. As...read more


“I am pleased to confirm that MCO  International is undoubtedly a PCO  that makes every event a success. Working with...read more

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“This is to lend my support to the Medical Events Company MCO. I have had the good fortune to benefit...read more

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“I mean to express my best  gratitude to the organization of our  National Council held in Varese last  September. Thanks...read more


“I hereby to thank you for helping us with  commitment and professionalism, and supported  us for the success of the...read more

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