“This is to lend my support to the Medical Events Company MCO. I have had the good fortune to benefit from their services as conference organisers and travel logistics experts for many years. In my 30 years as a Cardiologist and as the Founder and clinical director of the Hatter Cardiovascular Institute at University College Hospital, London, I have a very wide experience, globally, of medical and scientific conferences. My role in these conferences has encompassed all the potential roles, from a conventional delegate, to speaker, to chairman and to conference organiser, for events all over the world. Thus I have gained a very wide experience of what marks out a “good” conference from all points of view, with perhaps the exception of being a commercial sponsor. The good conference begins with early clear communication and the provision of flexible appropriate logistics advice to aid timely and stress free travel. The chosen accommodation has to be convenient and appropriate, fulfilling the requirements for the attendees as well as remaining within the limits of hospitality that are now internationally agreed to be appropriate for medical congresses. A personal touch helps smooth out any of the largely unavoidable issues related to current era travel. Local knowledge of the venue and host country is invaluable. The conference venue needs to be of an appropriate size for the congress and the all important IT systems adequate to allow the communication sessions to be effective and proceed uninterrupted and at a high quality, even in countries where this kind of support may be less well developed. In may years of being the beneficiary of the professional efforts of MCO to get me to conferences they have arranged, in many different European and Middle Eastern countries (as well as on occasion, in the Far East), I have never had anything but the very best service, covering all the quality issues listed above. I have no hesitation in recommending them as a truly first class company, making this important aspect of any medical or scientific professional’s life easier than it otherwise may be, largely due to the experience and professionalism of key individual members of the MCO team.”

Dr. John Malcolm Walker