Strategic Design

Improving sales force performance

Lean marketing


The strong growth, the desire to innovate and to be increasingly attentive to customer needs is the motivation that drove the management of our client to promote an experimental project of operational lean marketing, carrying out a reorganization intervention on the whole sales force process starting from the analysis and processing of sell-out data: data analysis, process mapping and resource enhancement.
The goal is to stimulate the sales force to achieve a broader and clearer awareness of the market, in order to better direct actions towards customer needs and satisfaction.


The customer support process started with data analysis. The multitude of managed information and sources brought to light the problem of data usability and the difficulty in structuring targeted and differentiated marketing actions. In order to optimize such an important database, data were processed and aggregated to simplify the reading and allow management through the establishment of a “control room”.
The rapidity of intervention in an increasingly competitive sales context is the basis of a successful company that wants to maintain and increase its market shares and it is the key to planning targeted business and marketing interventions.
The strategic management of human resources becomes the real element of novelty in transformation paths: involving people in the change process from the beginning allows you to highlight the real problems related to the lack of competence or aptitude for a new work process, finding together with your team the most efficient and effective way to bring innovative solutions and achieve results.


AS IS Analysis
Analysis of existing
sales processes


Process reengineering
Definition of the
reorganization project


TO BE Analysis
Analysis tendency
and implications




Definition of KPIs
and measurement of results